I am here and there.

On 15 July, I made myself homeless and now I travel constantly in Norway. During the summer, parts of the puzzle fell into place while I travelled by mail boat on the stunningly beautiful Lake Sogne. Spent a month rounding up sheep and in the trenches after a dramatic increase in the wolverine population led to a loss this summer of 10 per cent of the sheep that were out to pasture.

Have been at parties in a fishing village in Lofoten and on mountain peaks in Jotunheimen. In addition to the project, I’ve started a blog on which I publish a mobile picture every day at noon. I welcome travel suggestions, invitations from people who would like to provide accommodations and more at e@duerher.no.”

“You Are Here Dot No” has also been published on Time’s photo blog and in Syn og Segn, issue 3/11, summer and autumn.

Where are you?

Eivind H. Natvig