Eivind H. Natvig’s project “You Are Here” was also presented recently on the Time magazine web site Time LightBox.

The web site is dedicated to photography and this year a selection of images from NJP-photographer Natvig’s “Project Norway” was shown on the web site. There he tells about how he spent several years working in Nepal, India and Bangladesh, for example, before returning home after several bouts with illness.

He got a job as a staff photographer at a small newspaper that gave him the opportunity to travel all over Norway.

“I had eight assignments throughout the country where there was 100% creative control. It was wonderful. I discovered that my countrymen are more welcoming than I expected. This country which seemed so remote and so closed to me through all my years abroad was not that way at all”, Natvig admitted to Time LightBox.

See the pictures and read the story on Time LightBox.