The project I am working with—Invisible scars—is a personal documentary.

I photograph people, places and situations around me. I am very close to the people, but sometimes I also take pictures of total strangers that I encounter. I have always been attracted to the dark side of human nature – the side that we do not let many others see.

I usually take photos when I see something that strikes a chord in me, something with which I can identify, and with which I hope others will also be able to identify.

The project is well underway.  I keep my camera with me everywhere I go and I take pictures of my day-to-day life. I also seek out people that I find interesting.

My own personal motivation is the meetings of people that I get to witness. I like people and the encounters between people. Meetings can be transformed into images and stories and that is what I appreciate the most about the whole project.

I consider it a great gift when someone lets me in, all the way in, to the place where they are the most vulnerable and private.  I learn something from every single encounter.

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