The NJP photographers were very well represented on the merit list at the Picture of the Year ceremony in Oslo on Friday.

Tomm W. Christiansen was awarded first prize in the “International Documentary” category for his NJP project Bloodlands from Ukraine.

The jury writes, among other things: “An evocative series with a dark undertone. The photographer discusses the future of Europe. He tries to step 50 years into the past on a quest for lessons learned and to find correlations. All signs point straight at the conflict brewing in Europe today.”

Third prize to Wang

In the same category, Knut Egil Wang placed third for his project Waiting for the Big One from California. Wang has travelled along the San Andreas Fault, and he presents this project in the NJP book scheduled for release later this year. The Picture of the Year jury stated:

“This is a story about something that may possibly happen. The photographer has chosen to document people who have no control over the unpredictable, and he links them to pictures of nature and roadside areas. Collectively, there is no telling what will happen to any of them. The story is well-considered in terms of planning and implementation alike. The photographer has succeeded in his bold choice.”

Tomm W. Christiansen was also awarded second prize in the ‘Open Class’ category for a picture from his NJP project.

Former NJP photographers

Former NJP photographers were also strongly represented among the Picture of the Year winners. Andrea Gjestvang won both first and third place in the ‘Sports Story’ category. Helge Skodvin won no fewer than three prizes this year. He placed first ‘Documentary Norway’ and in ‘Everyday Life in Norway’ and second in ‘Sports singles’.

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