The third edition of The Norwegian Journal of Photography contains works by nine photographers and is now available for sale online and at the bookshop.

On Friday, NJP #3 was launched at Fritt Ord in Oslo. The book is 320 pages long, and it has been published by the Swedish publisher Journal. This edition, as well as the two preceding editions, can be ordered on Journal’s website (SEK 400). They are also sold by the Tronsmo bookshop in Oslo.

This edition of NJP contains the projects of nine photographers: Adrian Øhrn Johansen, Camilla Jensen, Eirik Brekke, Kyrre Lien, Morten Andersen, Rebecca Shirin Jafari, Tommy Ellingsen, Tonje Bøe Birkeland and Ulla Schildt. The preface has been written by the Canadian photographer Donald Weber.