The renowned National Geographic magazine recently devoted a great deal of space to a project by photographer Therese Alice Sanne, a member of this year’s NJP programme.

Sanne is one of eight photographers involved in this year’s Norwegian Journal of Photography. Recently, National Geographic devoted a great deal of space on its website to her project from the island Sørburøy in the Froan archipelago.

Therese Alice Sanne initially worked with the project for a special issue of the magazine VG Weekend, which was published in 2016. And now that the American magazine has shown interest in the photographer, and they published the project on their website in late November.

“This is great fun, and it is a verification that one is doing something right, making it a kind of bonus. Of course, it isn’t anything I walk around thinking about”, reports Sannes to the newspaper Adresseavisen.

She also mentions to the newspaper that she got to know a photographer from National Geographic when she worked on a photo project for young people, Photocamp National Geographic. The photographer fell for the report she had made from Sørburøya Island.

“He felt that it deserved to be published, and helped me select the photos I submitted to the editorial board. After that, I talked about the project with one of the photo editors – they have several at NG – and now they have published it online. Soon it will be a year since the report was printed in VG Weekend“, comments Therese Alice Sanne to Adresseavisen.

See her report in National Geographic here.