Over the years, the photographer has worked on large-scale independent projects. He has a confident style and, using the classic 35mm black & white documentary expression, he has worked with projects such as ‘Givær’.

At the same time, he has moved towards a more artistic form of expression and larger formats with the projects ‘The South’ and ‘Jämtland’. Wang’s projects feature a lot of humour, and the photographer has a unique ability to capture whimsy in the most mundane situations. The keen eye of the photographer, his warm stories and the humour in his pictures work together to create an absolutely unique photographic style, and we are looking forward to seeing more of it. His project for NJP will address what he calls ‘Anthropomorphised animals’.

Excerpt from the project description:

Anthropomorphised animals

As man distances himself further and further from nature, our relationships with animals grow more tenuous, for better or for worse. This can manifest itself in many ways. This is what I would like to examine more closely. Imbuing animals with human qualities is quite common in religious mythology and iconography, so from that perspective, it is nothing new. But in our time, animals often live almost human lives right alongside us. We readily identify with creatures that bear a slight resemblance to us. If an animal has two eyes, much has already been accomplished. At that point, things can just take off. That has been the case for many, and it is becoming ever more common. Animals are imbued with human characteristics in a way that is, at best, funny and sweet and, at worst, frightening. I am looking for opportunities to take pictures of how this madness manifests itself and is cultivated as a matter of course. It is natural to start with dogs, perhaps those that sit at the dinner table to eat, stay at doggy hotels, dress nicely, etc., but I would also like to include a wide variety of other animal species, if possible.