Photographer Therese Alice Sanne is one of 245 nominees for the World Press Photo Masterclass in Amsterdam.

Therese Alice Sanne is included in this year’s edition of the Norwegian Journal of Photography, and now she has been nominated to the Joop Swart Masterclass, organised by World Press Photo. Of the 245 nominated photographers from all over the world, 12 will be picked to participate in a workshop in Amsterdam.

A number of international photographers and other experts on photography have nominated 52 per cent female photographers and 48 per cent male for the honour, writes World Press Photo on its website. There used to be an upper age limit on who could be nominated and participate, but this has changed to focus on photographers who are early in their careers, with five to ten years of experience.

Now, Therese Alice Sanne and the other nominated photographers are tasked with submitting their applications. The 12 winners will be selected in April, then they will be getting together for a week-long workshop in September.