Knut Egil Wang

Over the years, the photographer has worked on large-scale independent projects. He has a confident style and, using the classic 35mm black & white document... mer / more

Anne-Stine Johnsbråten

Anne-Stine Johnsbråten has worked with personal projects for the past six years. Although her background is in the classic documentary tradition, Johnsbråten ha... mer / more

Terje Abusdal

This photographer has a clear, well-developed style, with many elements of humour and an unusual slant on the world around him. Abusdal's way of taking photogra... mer / more

Jonas Bendiksen

Bendiksen is one of Norway's most prominent photographers, and the editors know what he stands for as a photographer and as an inspirational figure. He is a wel... mer / more

Ivar Kvaal

Ivar Kvaal is a new talent with a photographic style that is recognisable in his editorial work as well as in his conceptual personal projects. His ability to c... mer / more