Jonas Bendiksen

Bendiksen is one of Norway's most prominent photographers, and the editors know what he stands for as a photographer and as an inspirational figure. He is a wel... mer / more

Ivar Kvaal

Ivar Kvaal is a new talent with a photographic style that is recognisable in his editorial work as well as in his conceptual personal projects. His ability to c... mer / more

Oddleiv Apneseth

Apneseth is one of Norway’s foremost photographers, with a very keen eye for portraying people in their own environments. His pictures have an innate power in t... mer / more

Monica Larsen

Larsen has demonstrated a strong interest in developing her talents, and has produced a number of excellent photographs that made her project and her portfolio ... mer / more

Marie Sjøvold

Sjøvold works with an idiom that clearly draws inspiration from documentary and art photography alike. The editors are fascinated by the way in which she challe... mer / more

Linda B. Engelberth

Engelberth’s photographs are close and intimate; as a photographer she is in the process of discovering her own form of expression. She has been working for a l... mer / more

Helge Skodvin

Skodvin has a style and a visual expression that differ from those of the other participants. He has cultivated a distinctive direction in his photography which... mer / more

Eiving H. Natvig

Natvig is a photographer who has demonstrated that he is in the process of developing his own distinctive visual language. He operates in the interface between... mer / more