My project: Ivar Kvaal

The project "The Hessdalen Valley and the quest into the unknown" addresses a mystical phenomenon found in a more or less well-known Norwegian valley. In a cli... mer / more

Knut Egil Wang launches book

NJP photographer Knut Egil Wang recently launched his project 'Southbound' in book form, published by Journal. The photographer, a member of the second round o... mer / more

My project: Terje Abusdal

My work involves taking photographs of Oslo's old garbage tips on the Long Islands, which are now a popular area for recreation and swimming. The main island i... mer / more

My project: Marie Sjøvold

To sit silent in the darkness and wait for the other person to fall asleep, is touching every single time. It is a great confidence to get. I have spent much t... mer / more