My project: Ivar Kvaal

The project "The Hessdalen Valley and the quest into the unknown" addresses a mystical phenomenon found in a more or less well-known Norwegian valley. In a cli... mer / more

This is NJP #3

The third edition of The Norwegian Journal of Photography contains works by nine photographers and is now available for sale online and at the bookshop. On Fri... mer / more

NJP calls for new photographers

Documentary photography in Norway has experienced a pronounced renaissance over the last decade, establishing its position as a self-standing genre, autonomous ... mer / more

Knut Egil Wang launches book

NJP photographer Knut Egil Wang recently launched his project 'Southbound' in book form, published by Journal. The photographer, a member of the second round o... mer / more

Two days of book editing

This weekend marked the final round of editing for the eight NJP photographers. The photographers got one hour each with the editors Rune Eraker, Laara Matsen,... mer / more