General Information

You must submit your project idea and 30 photographs that are indicative of your own special form of photographic expression. The photographs can either be taken from a current independent project or from an earlier project, and they should preferably illustrate your ability to tell a story in pictures or to make a documentary portrayal of a certain theme/milieu. Edit carefully. The editorial board is looking for individuals who have a strong aptitude for telling visual stories. A general portfolio of random photos is not desirable.

Specifications for the Submission Process

Set up a main portfolio containing all the material, hereafter referred to as the main portfolio. Designate the name of the main portfolio with your last name and first name, e.g. Olsen_Per

The Pictures

30 photographs, max. 1500 pixels on the longest side. Submit in JPEG quality 8, Adobe RGB. Black and white pictures can be submitted as Grayscale. You must name each individual picture file, so that they are in the sequence in which you want the jury to view the story. Name the files as follows: Your last name, the first initial of your first name, and then a number. For example: Olsen_P_01, Olsen_P_02, Olsen_P_03, etc. Picture captions should be incorporated into the metadata so that the jury can read them when considering the pictures on screen. If more than 30 pictures are submitted, pictures labelled above number 30 will be deleted and not considered. The pictures should be placed in the main portfolio.


The presentation/description of the project (length: max. 600 words), as well as the reason(s) why you would like to participate (minimum 400, max. 600 words), should be put into two separate Word files in the main portfolio. Label these with your name as well: Olsen_Per_presentation and Olsen_Per_reasons. Both the presentation/description and your reason(s) for applying should also be attached as hard copy print-outs.


Burn the portfolio on a CD or DVD that can be read by both Macs and PCs. Remember to print out the presentation of the project and your reason(s) for applying. You can also submit supplementary material, such as books and/or newspaper clippings. Provide information about the number of attachments and what kind of material is attached in a separate cover letter. Label the envelope ‘Norwegian Journal of Photography’, and submit all material to: Fritt Ord, Uranienborgveien 2, 0258 Oslo.

Deadline for Submission

The material must be postmarked by Wednesday, 6 March 2013, at the latest. In the event of failure to comply with these specifications, the editorial board is free to disqualify the applicant(s). Questions about submission may be addressed to NJP’s Editorial Board, attn. Rune Eraker, e-mail: , or to the Fritt Ord Foundation, attn. Bente Roalsvig, e-mail: .

Participating Photographers

The photographers selected to participate in NJP over the next two years, and who accept the invitation, undertake an obligation to make themselves available on certain dates during the period. This refers to events such as editing meetings, workshops, seminars and reviews. Photographers are also required to publish their finished work in The Norwegian Journal of Photography book and possibly to exhibit photographs/show pictures at seminars and lectures.

Good Luck!